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Buy an Insect Screen for sale From Mattress Discount

Suppose you are searching for appliances proper to keep insects away from your house. In that case, we suggest you visit our online store for a custom-made insect screen. In our online e-catalogue, you will discover several models and kinds of insect screens and select the best solution according to your demand.

In the mattress discount online Shop, you will discover, for example, a vertical insect screen, perfect for windows, and a horizontal insect screen, more appropriate for balconies and French doors instead. 


Innovative engineering and extra quality, and convenience are essential features of every insect screen product.

Practically unseen, the security screens systems effectively guard windows, doors and light wells against unwelcome guests – fitting entirely like the next skin.

The robust aluminium profiles join inconspicuously into the overall look. They assure that windows, doors and roller shutters work unimpaired. Security screens can be flexibly fitted and are simple to clean. At the same time, they attain high standards of security.

Using a vast collection of insect screens and unique fabrics from mattress discounts, we satisfy a range of different demands.

Look at our collection of insect screen and buy from us

In the case of doors situated in high traffic areas, our Online Shop suggests our pleated insect screen from our afterpay furniture, very comfy, credit to their bottom rail of just 3 mm, and right to be opened and closed continuously. The pleated mesh, obtainable in grey and black, can cover potentially countless spaces thanks to its modularity and can be modified according to your needs or demands with different types of bottom rails, single opening or double opening, from the right and left by request.