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Sleep Now and Pay Later With Afterpay Mattress

A right mattress is a way to good night’ sleep. The quality of mattress affects the quality of sleep through the level of comfort, and if you don’t feel to snooze off right after getting into the bed, it might be a clear sign you need to change your mattress. Yes, indeed mattresses get old and indicate retirement like if you wake up with a sore head or heavy neck every other day. Usually, a good mattress should last long up to ten years and also if you didn’t get time to think of your last purchase then you can grab a luxurious one at at a discounted price!

In fact, Mattress Discount is carrying a whole lot range of mattresses for all types of sleepers; whether it’s side sleeping, you tend to sleep or back sleeping through which you dream sweet. We have a broad range of memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, pocket spring mattresses as well as mattresses with additional layers on the surface. No matter, if you’re a person with back pain or other chronical pain – we have got a collection that pleases every individual choice.

Choosing the right mattress for your sleep and needs is all about knowing the level of firmness and selecting the mattress from spring, memory foam, coil and latex materials. Also, padding surfaces like pillowtop, euro-top and cool gel are well-known for providing additional comfort. Considering all sorts of personal choices and sleeping manner, we’re listing some of the best mattresses that are designed to deliver restful sleep night after night. So whether you’re tired of sleeping on a saggy mattress or poor sleep regularly, replace your sleep with a luxurious mattress from us.

Know what a memory foam, latex, pocket spring and other mattresses can do just the right job for your good night’ sleep. And don’t forget to choose the right size!

Types of Mattresses


Memory Foam Mattress: Ideal For Stomach Sleepers

Memory foam mattresses are the latest releases, and they tend to contour to the shape of your body and sleeping style. As memory foam mattresses are the most popular in the current time, Mattress Discount has a large range of products across various padding surfaces. Giselle Bedding, Palermo and Laura Hill are our partners, which present a memory foam mattress with soft to medium firmness, hypo-allergic materials and various thickness levels. Memory foam mattresses are great to retain heat and keep you warm while you sleep. Although if you need a more refreshing sleeping experience, our cool gel memory foam mattress will provide excellent airflow and breathability for your good night’s sleep. 

Get a memory foam mattress from us that is durable up to ten years, so your bed ensure you to provide a healthy and productive sleep for almost a decade. 

Latex Mattress: Best For Side Sleepers


Latex mattresses are known as eco-friendly mattresses. There’re generally two types of latex mattress available as natural latex and synthetic latex. Latex mattresses are long-lasting but are expensive on the other hand with almost similar features as a memory foam mattress. Latex mattresses enable excellent air circulation around its surfaces so, you get fresh and serene sleeping experience. For particular latex mattresses, explore the features of Palermo and Laura Hill latex mattresses in stock. 

Hybrid / Spring Foam Mattresses: Back sleepers 

It works as a combination of two mattress types. Usually, a hybrid mattress consists of foam materials with spring or coil in the bottom. Also, they’re designed in a way that provides greater airflow and excellent heat retention while overall giving a more relaxed sleeping experience. Spring foam mattresses are considered to be costly, but at Mattress Discount, we have much more cost-effective prices.

We have a pretty good collection of a hybrid mattress across all bed sizes, find the best one that’s suitable for your sleeping manner and preferences. 

Choose The Right Size


Of course, choosing the right size of mattress is necessary regardless of a particular-sized bed you’ve already got. Mattress Discount stocks all Australian standard bed sizes such as king mattress, queen mattress, king single mattress, single mattress and double mattress. Select the right size as our products are contained with dimensions so you can easily get the proper one for your bed.

Sleep is a crucial part of life, so don’t think much while nurturing for it. Prices of our mattresses are discounted and much lower than you would buy at a local in-store shop or any other online mattress shops. Just select the mattress of your choice, choose the right payment option, and we’re good to go. Get the mattress at your home even before paying a dime. That’s how Mattress Discount works so you get more comfortable on sleep, and let our payment options take care of your payment, breaking it into easy & interest-free instalments. At Mattress Discount, we have – Afterpay mattress – sleep now – pay later.