Privacy Policy

Mattress Discounts is thoroughly committed to protecting your privacy and personal information according to the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 Cth. Generally, personal information comprises information or individual opinion whose identification is clear or which can be recognized by provided information or opinion. Our Privacy Policy apparently relates to the collection and use of your personal information.

It is also applicable to your conduct on-site. By using the site, you agree to consent to the collection, use and divulge of your personal information by Mattress Discounts according to our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy together with the Terms & Conditions governs the site, thus needs to be read along with Terms & Condition.

Reach out to us via our contact us page if you have any doubts or questions relating to our Privacy Policy.

While you use our site, Mattress Discounts operate as stated below.

What Personal information does Mattress Discounts collect?

Generally, we gather personal information that includes your name, address, email ID, telephone number, and payment details. Types of personal information that we gather also depends on your transaction with Mattress Discounts.

We gather personal information for the purpose of carrying on our business as an online platform for the sales of various goods and services (including on behalf of third party merchants).

How safe is your privacy?

At Mattress Discounts, we keep your personal information confidential and only use it for the purposes mentioned above. It includes providing necessary information to third party merchants for the purpose of:

  • The delivery of goods or services, or
  • For the voucher redemption that you purchased.

Apart from the information mentioned above about the users, Mattress Discounts does not collect any other sensitive information. Your personal information will not be sold, shared, rented or divulged other than in connection with this privacy policy.

Your information is secured with us

Mattress Discounts takes responsible steps to ensure your information is accessible only to authorised people and won’t be misused. We will keep your information for a rational time or till the law requires it.

We all know that not a single transmission over the internet is 100% safe. Still, Mattress Discounts will take the necessary steps to protect information transmission. Although, we cannot guarantee the integrity of transmission over the internet and to the maximum level that the law permits. Mattress Discounts will not be responsible for any contravention related to information transmission.

Third parties

Your personal information and data are shared with third parties only at your consent or in relation to the use of the site (includes your purchases of goods/services and/or vouchers) as required or permitted by law. This may also include instances where we may require to transmit personal information in accordance with the instructions received from a law enforcement agency or other authorized body.

At Mattress Discounts, we allow data and information access to certain authorized agents which will do so only in relation to the operation of the site. We ensure that we apply the Privacy Policy, applicable statutory or common law requirements. We will not give your information to the advertisers without your consent.

Safe online transaction

If you purchase products or vouchers according to our Terms and Conditions, through our website, we process your credit card details securely over the internet. We don’t store your credit card details at Mattress Discounts.

Non-customer information

Sometimes when we are required to gather personal information about individuals who aren’t account-holders or customers. Hence, it will slowly arise where we collect the name and the business contact details of a person who is in a government agency or company with whom we deal. Our policy is to only use the personal information collected from the non-customers for the main business purpose for which it was originally gathered.

Unsubscribing from our email subscriptions

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list whenever you want:

  • Open the newsletter sent to you by Mattress Discounts.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Unsubscribe”.

A small file stored on the user’s hard drive after a visit to the site is called a cookie. It lets the user access the site quickly with ease by keeping a record of all your earlier visits. Cookies recognize users and can track a user’s sessions providing information that the system has used to effectively manage your use of the site. We do not relate this information to the personal details of the user. The user can anytime delete the cookies from the user’s hard drive.

Updation to this policy

Mattress Discounts may update this privacy policy entirely or partially from time to time without any prior notice. The updated privacy policy will be effective from when it is uploaded on the site.

Get in touch with us

If you want to get access to your personal information or want to give feedback about this policy, kindly reach out to Mattress Discounts through the contact us page here or drop a mail at –