King single bed frames


Make Your Sleep Comfortable with King Single Bed Frame 

Our modern king single Bed Frame appears opulent from the outside. The luxurious imitation linen fabric headboards and sides are all exquisitely crafted. But this opulent bed frame is more than meets the eye. Under the hardwood arching slat foundation, which you can access by lifting up the frame, are countless storage compartments.  You can easily elevate the bed to store all of your seasonal linens and bedding, including additional blankets, pillows, and comforters, King single mattress toppers, using the gas lift system and hand strap. The hardwood arching slat base is also made to bend properly so that the weight placed on it may be distributed more evenly. The strong steel structure of the bed frame is well-built overall with reinforced steel bars.  

Extensive Range of Materials to Choose From

Wooden Bed Frame 

The wood bed frame, which comes in a range of sizes and shapes, is one of the most popular types of bed frames. You may choose from a huge selection of bed frame types or you can even create your own because wood comes in so many different species and hues. 

Metal Frame for a Bed 

Increasingly more people are choosing metal King single bed frames because of their strength and modern style. These kinds of frames are appropriate for heavier mattresses like memory foam or hybrid mattresses since they can handle greater weight. 

Fabric Bed Frame 

This beautiful style of our bed frame is covered with a fabric that makes it unique and stylish. You may build your own fabric bed frames from a range of soft textiles, including higher-quality materials like leather.  Mattress Discount has a wide range of Bed Frames including Mattress toppers and other bedding essentials, get your hands now and enjoy the best and safest payment options such as Afterpay, Zippay etc that lets you pay without any headache. 

How this Bedframe will be Beneficial to You 

Perfect Storage 

Particularly if you have a bigger bed, like a king or queen-size bed, your bed may use up a lot of important bedroom space. Your bed will be elevated off the ground with a King single bed frame, creating additional storage space beneath. It is important to have winter clothing and boots in addition to bags, extra rugs, mink blankets, and linens that you occasionally use but still require. You may buy mobile bags and underneath-the-bed storage to properly store your possessions without clogging up your living area. 


Your bedroom may appear incomplete with a mattress lying on the floor. Our King single bed frame gives off a refined appearance that might improve the room's overall beauty. A raised King Single Mattress that is supported by a bed frame helps guide energy flow and circulation throughout your room, creating a serene resting environment. 

Tips for Maintenance of your Beddings and Furniture for Longer Duration

We are all advised to change your bed frames, and mattresses after 7 to 10 years, though changing them is better after a few years of usage.
  • You can flip your frames up, down, and backward after 1 or 2 years for better usage.
  • Clean your Mattress, bed frames, and other bedding materials with a vacuum after a few months or according to your needs, if you have kids around it's always better to clean it frequently. 

Our Best Quality Beddings to Choose From to Decor your King Single Bed

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