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Floating Bedside Table

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Floating Bedside Table from Mattress Discount

It’s no secret that we at Mattress Discount adore floating bedsides; they look sleek and save vital space in compact rooms. Many of our customers come to us because they have a little area in their bedroom for which a typical bedside table is unavailable. Even if you have extra space, there are benefits to having a floating bedside table. Here are a few advantages that we’re sure you didn’t consider.


Let’s start with the most obvious. However, because the overall footprint of floating bedside cabinets is smaller than that of a standing bedside, it will save you a lot of space. Not only that, but it creates the sense of additional space by allowing you to view more of your floor if it isn’t covered by furniture, visually opening up the entire room.

Floating Bedside Table Is Clean

Isn’t it true that no one gets to sleep with dust mites on their pillow? It’s a million times easier to sweep around your bed with a floating bedside because there’s no bulky furniture to shift every time. Anything that cuts down on cleaning time is a bonus in our book.

Floating Bedside Table Look Good

Floating bedsides provide a bedroom with a highly sleek and contemporary style that is more difficult to achieve with regular bedside tables. We started out making relatively little floating bedsides. Still, as we realized more and more people wanted them for a design statement rather than just a modest space solution, we grew into larger sizes. For those who want a clean area yet want a more traditional overall aesthetic, there are a variety of more unique oak styles of the floating nightstand.

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