Double Mattress Protector


Waterproof Double Bed Mattress Protectors at Mattress Discounts

The mattress protectors can help you a great deal in keeping your mattress safe and clean because if you have little kids who sleep with you, we can understand your pain of trying to clean the urine or fluid stains from the mattress. So, we have a wide variety of double bed mattress protectors at Mattress protectors that will help you keep the mattress clean and safe. So hurry up and take a look at the benefits you will get from buying this product.


The benefits of a double mattress protector will leave you wanting it immediately. You can keep the mattress protected from stains, make your bedding look good, and enhance the lifetime of your bed with double mattress protectors because replacing a mattress or washing it is not an easy job. Still, a simple bedding product like a double mattress protector can do wonders, so hurry up and place your order for the double bed mattress protector from Mattress Discounts.

Designs and material

The design of the double bed mattress protectors is like a regular fitted bedsheet with elastic in the hems for easy adjustments. The elastic can be stretched to the corners for a wrinkle-free fit. They can also be used as regular bed sheets because of their different colors and patterns. We have waterproof mattress protectors to keep the mattress protected from liquid permeation. The non-porous material prevents the liquid, dirt, or mite from getting inside the fabric.  Waterproof mattress protectors are available in different sizes in double bed mattress protectors. We have variations in king and queen sizes to choose from according to their bed size to fit perfectly onto the bed. The double bed mattress protector are easy to wash and can be stored as regular bed sheets because of being folded in a compact size. so, the mattress protector foam Mattress Discounts soon your mattress can be safe