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Some health conditions make sleep very uncomfortable at night, it is very difficult to sleep peacefully at night. It leads to disrupted sleep that means when you wake up in the morning you won’t feel fresh at all and your day will go very badly causing more health problems and lack of sleep. That extra space in a king size mattress gives you ample amount of space to move around so you feel relaxed and comfortable.  With this king size mattress, more people or pets can sleep easily with you, especially if you’re a little kid who comes at night at an unexpected time.

Our features

The posh construction made for this king size mattress will make you feel as if you were living in a palace luxuriously. You will not be disappointed at all when buying this kind of king size mattress. This king bed mattress consists of a very posh like euro top padding and has five zoned pocket strings for your full support and you won’t feel uneasy at all! The independent coil system in this Afterpay mattress gives you an amazing support, keeping you comfortable and your sleep will be undisturbed throughout the night! 

This kind of a mattress has a high density foam, it is to provide a support to the edges. The mattresses have medium firmness so adults and kids can easily sleep on them. It has side handles for positioning it properly, it’s easier that way! The material of this mattress is hypo-allergic which means it has dust resistant covers to keep away the dust and pollen for people who have allergies, it is safe for them to sleep on them.

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