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One of the most important factors to take into account when buying a single size mattress from a Mattress Discount is its size. It must be the right thickness for you and suit your bed frame well. There are several different types of mattresses available on the market, including single, twin, king, and queen-sized mattresses. As the name suggests, a single bed may fit one adult or child. Let's find out more about the single mattress. A single bed mattress is intended for use by one person only. It is made to accommodate one adult or child, albeit a child would not need the whole bed's height. Single mattress sizes typically measure 36–39 inches wide and 72–78 inches long. There are several lengths available that are big enough to fit one person, according to your height and bed frame. Understanding the various mattress sizes that are available on the market can be a bit difficult. It is essential to appreciate the bed's size in order to ascertain your unique wants and then make a bed buy. Sleeping comfortably is essential to have a great impact on your body and mind because if you do not sleep properly, you will wake up tired and not work properly. The mattress is an essential item that should be considered, so you have the best need to sleep on. There is a single mattress size available at a cheap price at Mattress Discounts that you can purchase for your kid's beds or single beds. This is the right spot where you can get the best quality single mattress because of the wide variety you can choose according to your preference. Single mattresses are available with varying thicknesses that you can purchase according to your preference. Single bed mattresses fit perfectly to the dimensions of single bed frames A single bed mattress is made of solid springs and memory foam or a gel that fits best according to your body type. You wake up relaxed and without any soreness because inefficient mattresses cause muscle inflammation. After all, they are hard enough to adjust according to the body. The springs are independently adjusted in the single bed mattress rather than connected, so the whole mattress does not shake when you turn sides while sleeping.

Features and Reasons To Buy Single Size Mattress from Mattress Discount

A single bed frame accommodates a single size mattress well. Typically, it is favoured by
  • Those with modest rooms and single occupancy
  • It's appropriate for a child's room as well.
  • appropriate for a tiny guest room
  • Multiple-bed hotel rooms or dorm rooms
  • dorm rooms
  • Comfortable living quarters with a sitting arrangement that can also serve as a guest bedroom
  • Available in a wide range of foam specifications, including soft foam, high resilience foam, cooling gel memory foam, latex foam, and natural memory foam, among others.
  • There are three ready sizes for single foam mattresses in addition to custom sizes.
  • Most single bed mattresses feature removable outer covers. This makes it simpler for you to maintain a clean mattress.
  • Mattresses are simpler to keep and just seldom need to be cleaned. For more information, read our cleaning guide.
  • All of our mattresses are boxed and vacuum-packed before being delivered to your door, making them initially easier to move around. 

Types Of Single Mattress Available At Mattress Discount:

We have got you covered with the best and most affordable single mattresses in town. You can get the one according to your preference and comfort choices.

Pocket Spring Single Mattress

The pocket spring single size mattress is designed specially to give an extra layer of comfort. The pocket springs are made of springs in all different pockets to provide a different kind of firmness to the mattress. We have quite a range that you can choose to have.

Bamboo Charcoal Single Mattress

People with allergies and who just can't tolerate the dust, the one bamboo charcoal single mattress is here. The bamboo helps with the absorption of dust and other atmosphere allergies and prevents harm. It also helps to regulate the temperature being made from bamboo, it definitely is plant friendly and serves the best cost.

Cool Gel Memory Foam Single Mattress

A cool gel memory foam single mattress that is made of cool gel beads provides extra comfort by regulating the temperature of the body and stops producing heat to give extra comfort. We have it available in all sizes to cater to the best. 

Spring Single Mattress

We all have been using the spring mattress since quite long. The spring single size mattress has springs in it with the foams that help you get a better posture and helps people with back issues as it's not the sticky one that doesn't have the fluffy type to it. Spring mattress is the ideal choice to get if you are into a hard mattress and not a softer one.

Extra firm Single Mattress

Same with the extra firm single size mattress is specially designed for the people who love sleeping on the stomach and back, people with back issues, and who can't rest on a soft mattress this one is what you should look for. It helps with your back and your cervical issues too.

Latex Single Mattress

A latex single size mattress is the most ideal purchase for people who are looking to buy something that has the supportive springs and memory foams to it that helps with durable sleep. Latex is also environmentally friendly as it also comes from the tree, it will also help you get rid of dust and allergies.

What Are The Advantages Of Purchasing Single Size Mattress?


Due to their modest size, Single bed mattresses are less expensive to produce. In comparison to other mattress sizes, a single bed mattress is the cheapest to purchase.

Size of Room:

Foam mattresses for single beds are ideal for tiny spaces, kid's rooms, and guest rooms. Additionally, it works well for living spaces that can be converted into guest rooms. If you have a small bedroom, go with a single bed and observe how much more space you free up.

Why Choose Mattress Discount For Single Bed Mattress?

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