Super King Quilt Covers


Looking to Purchase the Best Quality Super King Quilt Sets?

Upgrading to a Super King Quilt Cover set is strongly advised if you have a King mattress. You'll be able to sleep more comfortably as a result. What is Super King, first of all? It is the biggest bedding size that is currently offered in Australia. There is nothing bigger, thus Super King should be your first pick if you want the biggest quilt. Let's go over the metrics of each to help you understand the differences.
  • a king-sized bed: the typical Australian standard bed size. Its measurements are 183 x 203 cm.
  • The king-sized quilt: measures 245cm by 210cm.
  • Super King quilt: normally 270 cm by 240 cm.
As you can see, the Super King quilt is roughly 30 cm longer and wider than the King size. This will provide an additional 15 cm on each side, which will significantly improve your comfort. Additionally, it provides the ideal length on either side for a made-up bed, giving it a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Upsizing To Super King Quilt Cover Set

The extra-large doona cover adds a touch of beauty and luxury to your bedroom. There is a wide variety of designs, colours, and textures available, so you can pick a quilt cover that fits your own taste. Your bed is the focal point of any great room and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

Extra Protection

A super king duvet cover provides additional protection for both king size beds and the increasingly popular super king mattresses. Both the length and the breadth have a drop that is around 30 cm or 15 cm greater overall. This gives any bedroom a more lavish and luxurious appearance. Additionally, the greater breadth makes it more comfortable to sleep with a spouse.

Higher Warmth

A thicker Super King Quilt Cover set will provide greater warmth at night. Cool air won't be able to enter because of the increased weight.

Looks Stunning

Greater overhang is possible due to the quilt's wider dimensions as compared to the mattress using a longer drape to give the illusion of luxury. As well when combined with our pillow set that is also available here this set can greatly them as well and everything will match making the stunning experience.

Super King Gives You More Possibilities

It provides you with extra style possibilities for your bedding. You may tuck the quilt's borders beneath your mattress for an incredibly elegant appearance.

Large Range

Our shop not only carries its unique brands, but also one of the broadest selections of super king quilt cover sets in Australia. When selecting to upgrade to super king, its enormous back library with Australia's biggest wholesalers gives many options. You are sure to discover something that matches your style among the wide variety of styles and patterns available for super king quilt covers.

Tip For Super King Quilts

Now that you have made the decision to select our Super King quilt, there is something to consider. Additionally, it depends on your preferences. Generally speaking, the weight of the quilt increases with its size. So, if you don't want your quilt to be overly heavy, pay special attention to the filling. Due to this, down quilts or quilts with a mid-fill tend to be the most popular Super King options. Due to its bigger size, the quilt's warm air pockets may easily be trapped, giving excellent warmth. Unless you want a heavy blanket, disregard the requirement for heavy blankets to give additional warmth.

We Have The Great Color Range

The Super King duvet Cover set is available in colors like Grey, black, and blue which are the most common and demanding choices for making beautiful bedding.

Different Materials Available With Us 

We care for you and thus we know there are different choices for everyone when it comes to material, therefore, we have the super doona set in Cotton, linen, and polyester which are unique in their own properties and your preference.

Why Buy From Us?

We have a variety of colours and materials for quilt covers for the super king with prices as low as $50 so you can shop freely here at a mattress discount! We are the best open pay bedding store in Australia well known for all bedding products. Visit discount mattress to explore our range of collections.