Inflatable Costumes


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we offer inflatable or air-inflated costumes that are inflated around the wearer using a battery-operated blower that draws air into the costume. When inflated, these outfits often reach a height of 9 to 10 feet.  We have got a different variety of costumes available to choose from that fit your needs for the occasion, they are super comfy and easy to wear and are long-lasting.

Designs to Choose from at Mattress Discount


We have an inflatable dinosaur costume that your kids can put on them and enjoy with their friends that is available in a different color. You can also put it on and enjoy wearing it for a fun casual day. 


Want to amaze your kids at Christmas? Then we have the perfect inflatable Santa costume for you to make your kids happy! We all want the Santa to come, we have the Santa available in different styles for you to choose from. Get the one that suits you today.


Make a statement by wearing this inflatable unicorn costume. Everyone is going crazy over unicorns today, and you can get it for your kids or for yourself and wear it for any purpose you would like. It's super comfortable and easy to wear. 


Yes, you heard it right. We have the cow inflatable suit available too. Just blow and wear it. Easy to wear and doesn't bother, it passes the air and is comfortable to wear for long hours too.


We have the chicken costume available for you to buy at Mattress discount made with super soft fabric, it helps pass the air and is comfortable to wear for long hours.


Got you covered with the chef inflatable suit too that is designed to make it better with a better and more occasional way accordingly. Get your hands on it today. We have also got many other varieties of inflatable costumes available for you to choose from here. Buy cheap inflatable costumes from us and don't worry about the payment because we have options reliable to you like zippay and afterpay with which you can easily pay later.

Why do You Need to Choose Us?

A Fit For A Successful Animation That Flats

An excellent tool for both communication and promotion is the inflatable costume. It may be utilized for your in-store marketing campaigns, and outdoor advertising, as well as for athletic and holiday events. Don’t forget to check out our inflatable decorations Each inflatable outfit is customized to your requirements. The inflatable costume is an unquestionable advantage for all of your animations because of its size, movement, realism, complete invisibility of the person within, and the charm it radiates.

A Cozy Suitcase

The facilitator can march in the inflatable costumes for an excellent performance for several hours at a time because of its lightness, flexibility, and constant ventilation. For a more comfortable fit, the belts and shoulder straps are height-adjustable. You may quickly enliven your events with the inflatable costume, which is incredibly convenient.

Durability Of The Flat Suit

The inflatable outfit won't deteriorate or degrade over time and is a great addition to your Christmas Decorations.


The material for the Inflatable Costume for Christmas might be PU/FR or faux fur. It feels gentle to the touch and on the eyes. Both kids and adults adore it!

Simple Maintenance

The maximum washing temperature for the inflated costume is 30 ° C. It is feasible to clean with a brush or common cleaning supplies. When cleaning, make sure to take the inside blower out. Each outfit comes with washing instructions.

Transport And Storage Are Simple

Our inflatable costumes come with transport boxes that also include the blower, two battery bags, a battery gauge, a battery charger, a harness, and the costume itself. It is incredibly simple to store the costume and its accessories. The outfit folds loosely in its rolling transport case when the animation is finished. As a result, the costume is very easy to transport by hand or by ship, and the suitcase requires little space and can be conveniently kept in a room's corner.


How does a Costume that inflates work?

A battery-operated fan that draws air into inflatable outfits is included. Stretchy bands around the neck, waist, ankles, or wrists prevent air leakage. The fan must be on in order for the costume to remain inflated. However, if the fan malfunctions, your suit will deflate.

Do Inflatable Costumes Provide Comfort?

Inflatable costumes provide vitality and energy to events since they are simple to use and comfortable to wear. They move. They waver. They approach and give you a hug!