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Buy Lounge Covers Online And Add Great Addition To Your Sofas!

The most typical piece of furniture in a house is a sofa. It is the first thing guests notice when they enter your home to judge the décor. We at Mattress discounts have bright lounge covers that are a great way to remodel your living space if you don't have a lot of money.  Additionally, you can give your couch a modern appearance by utilising trendy designs or by covering sectional sofas in a variety of covers to give it a more contemporary look. Here at mattress discount, they come in a variety of hues, fabrics, textures, and designs.

Materials And Types Of Lounge Covers At Mattress Discount

Got quite a range of materials and types of sofa covers at Mattress discounts in all sizes to choose from according to your needs.

Microfiber Lounge Covers

Because of its exceptional stain resistance, a microfiber couch cover is a popular option for upholstery in households with children and pets. Although it has a silky touch, the fabric is far more practical for daily usage.

Polyester Lounge Covers

A polyester sofa cover is the first synthetic fibre that comes to mind while discussing them. We think that the fact that it is more stain-resistant than other natural materials is a significant benefit. Additionally, polyester is a non-allergenic material, resulting in fewer sneezes and skin sensitivities. It is also effective at withstanding harm.

High Stretch Lounge Covers

The high stretch fabric sofa cover easily grabs the size and covers your sofa completely without making it slip from the sides. You can have this for your all time use of sofas, as the cover won't go here and there and it will keep it secure from all harmful dust and stains.

Elastic Stretch Lounge Covers

The elastic stretch sofa cover available at Mattress Discount helps people with a better cover. It is easily removable and can be covered anytime you want. You can also stretch how you like and keep it secure from the end.

Velvet Lounge Covers

We have the best velvet fabric sofa covers designed for better design aesthetics for your drawing room sofa, you can remove it or not and keep it as you like. 

Amazing benefits of Lounge Covers by Mattress Discounts

Defending against spills and stains:

Your furniture will be shielded from spills, stains, and filth with sofa bed covers. This is crucial if you have children or animals. Unprotected furniture might suffer fabric damage and be hard to clean after a spill. But with linen couch covers, you can unwind and forget about long-term harm.

Defending against sun damage:

In addition to spills and stains, sun damage is a problem. Your furniture may become damaged and faded by the sun's UV rays, making it appear dated and worn before it should. Your furniture will be shielded from the sun's destructive rays with a lounge seat cover.

Simple to Clean:

Cleaning sofa covers is significantly simpler than cleaning the actual couch. You may easily take them off and wash them in the washing machine if they become soiled. Additionally, the majority of couch covers are machine washable, which makes it simple and quick to keep your furniture clean. Buy the best sofa protector here at a Mattress Discount with the best payment options with which you can easily pay later for your purchase.

Perks Of Having Sofa Covers From Mattress Discount

We use the sofa for sitting down and lying on it sometimes. The surface may be damaged or filthy because of constant use. A couch can function as a protective sofa cover. These lounge covers also assist clean the sofa mainly when used by youngsters and when animals are nearby. Things may become messy with children and dogs. Also, if guests come over and bring snacks, they can pour food over the sofa for a carefree time. But the harm is controlled if you have it covered. Lounge protector covers reduce your cleaning effort and save you money. Another benefit is to keep your old sofa inside the couch covers till you get a new couch. If the cover is carefully picked, the room's decoration may be matched, and space can seem light.

Selecting Sofa Covers

Since the usage of couch covers has numerous advantages, it is pretty beneficial. However, while picking a decent couch cover, you have to bear in mind a few factors. The first thing to do is to choose the right color. The walls of the room and the rest of the furnishings should match. The sofa slip cover should be of the correct size. The sofa covers should fit the couch to give prominence to the curves. Make sure the material is soft if feasible so that you feel comfortable when others sit on it. Please do not use a parachute or bright material as it might damage your room design. Keep the budget you've got in mind. Do not exceed your budget since Mattress Discount has many options. Cover couches assist in keeping the sofa clean and accessible, mainly if the covering is picked correctly.

Available Sizes of Lounge Covers at Mattress Discounts

Single Seater Sofa Covers

We have the best single seater couch covers designed specially for your single seater sofas that are adjustable and marinated to keep the quality of your sofas for a longer period of time. The size of this is 165x190cm in size which is a great size to cover up the single-seater sofa.

2 Seater Sofa Covers

If you aren't getting the perfect size for your 2 seater lounge covers then we have the best range to choose from available in different colors as well. The great size of 224x190cm is enough to keep your 2 seater sofa bed in good health by the type of coverage it provides.

3 Seater Sofa Covers 

The bigger the size of your sofa the bigger it needs to be covered, hence we have the best design and sizes available right here, that help your 3 seater sofa beds to cover perfectly.  Our 3 seater lounge cover has dimensions of 280x190cm that are used to thoroughly protect your sofa from all kinds of stains and leave no space which cannot be protected.

4 Seater Sofa Cover 

It is no surprise that we have the 4 seater couch covers with dimensions of  235×300cm that not only protect your 4 seater sofa bed but enhance its beauty. You can cover it how you like and not worry about the stains that it will get, it's super easy to wash and comfortable to sit on.

Slipcover Sofa

Yes, you heard it right, we have slipcovers for sofas available to choose from that you can keep on all sizes of lounges and remove easily. Comes in great quality material, and is easily washable and useable.