Mango Wood Coffee Table


How Mango Wood Coffee Tables Are A Great Choice For You?

When you purchase online from us, we want to make sure you get the greatest home items, including a mango wood coffee table. In terms of comparison, we have the best mango wood tables with storage, which is the main factor in our success in the market and during this period of intense competition.  With our coffee tables, you may decorate while still meeting your space demands. Because of the high quality, you get what you paid for. The key factor influencing your decision to buy our coffee table will be their exceptional benefits.

Mango Wood Coffee Table Advantages

The use of mango wood in furniture has a variety of advantages,


The mango wood coffee table is made of sturdy wood, making it ideal for making custom furniture designs. Its strength is equivalent to that of oak and ash. You may rest easy knowing that your furniture will last for many years because it doesn't wear out easily and ages nicely.


Due to its growth as a fruit tree, mango wood is very sustainable, making it ideal for coffee tables. Considering that they are hardwoods, the trees achieve maturity after just roughly 15 years of growth. At this stage, they may cease producing fruit completely or start producing less.


 Mango wood is more reasonably priced than hardwood alternatives due to the sustainability of mango trees. Mango wood coffee tables are affordable in the end since they require little processing once the tree has been cut down, which also helps to keep costs down.

Aesthetically Pleasing: 

The Mango wood coffee table is a fantastic choice for individuals searching for something genuinely unique due to the different texture and patterns, as well as the lovely wood grain. You are assured to receive a unique piece of furniture since the colour of the wood varies.

Choose from different shapes of coffee tables made from Mango Wood

There are different shapes in the coffee table we have:

Round Mango Wood Tables

These tables with the circle shape add a unique touch to the living room as they are aesthetically appealing while fulfilling the space needs.

Rectangle Shape Coffee Table 

When you want to go for the larger Mango Wood Coffee Table then our rectangle-shaped table with storage is the best ones you need! As multiple chairs can be arranged around them or you can even use them near the sofas.

Browse our Colours Available 

The beautiful coffee table has different colours like light brown, white, black, and grey that are very pleasant to see in the living spaces and blend with the furniture easily.

Different Styles of Coffee Tables Available at Mattress Discount

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Bamboo Coffee Table

What else you are looking for , when you have your eye on Bamboo Coffee Table , this table is the best in our store to choose from. The bamboo material makes it unique and stylish from others.

Chipboard Coffee Table

The Chipboard Coffee Table is the best that is available to use and comes in different shapes and sizes that enhances the look of your room and dining area that is easy to get in hang with other furniture.

Glass Coffee Table

We have got you covered with the best quality of Glass Coffee Table. This table is often seen and purchased in most of houses. As this is one of the safest purchases.

High Gloss Coffee Table

Get the best High Gloss Coffee Table available to purchase that comes in different styles and sizes that would suit your area. We have got many other coffee tables that you can also take a look at here. 

Cleaning Tips for a Mango Wood Table

To ensure that your mango wood table with storage lasts, maintain it like you would any wood furniture. The following are our top four suggestions for keeping your table looking lovely for many years to come:

Watch out for liquids

A drink spilled on your table should be cleaned up right away. Spills may cause irreversible water damage and wear away the finish over time.

Keep the wood moist

Use furniture polish on a regular basis to keep your table moisturized. Mango wood may rapidly become dry, therefore a thorough polish will not only keep the wood from breaking but also highlight its distinctive grain. Clean carefully You must be quite cautious when cleaning your mango wood table. Avoid using abrasive towels or aggressive chemical cleaners as they might harm the finish.

Organize the position

It's crucial to plan where your mango wood table will be placed in your house. Aim to keep the table away from heat sources like radiators and bright sunshine. This would very probably result in the wood being discoloured over time. Shop now to avail best offers on coffee tables at Mattress Discounts. We provide fast shipping benefits in most of the metro cities of Australia. Quick dispatch within 24-48 hours and fast delivery are facilitated in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and Sydney. FAQs

Are termites prone to mango wood?

Termites may be attracted to mango wood, but if the wood has been properly polished and treated, this is unlikely to happen.

What is Mango wood's tensile strength?

Mango wood has a deep texture, making it exceptionally durable and sturdy. Its hardness is comparable to that of North American hardwoods like oak.

Mango trees—are they hardwoods?

Mango wood is classified as a hardwood because of its durability, strength, and density. The wood doesn't deteriorate easily and, with careful care, may maintain its high luster texture for many years. Mango wood is much easier to work with than other hardwoods, making it a fantastic choice for furniture manufacturers.