Shower Screens & Bases

Shower Screens & Bases

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Is your bathroom giving off a tired vibe? So you want to give it a new lease of life, but you don't have the cash or time to complete a full bathroom remodel. Don't be concerned! Shower screens or glass moving shower screens may still be installed in your current bathroom to give it a new lease on life.

Aesthetics of the Visual

Glass shower screens with no frames appear more contemporary, attractive, and sleek. Furthermore, a glass shower screen will completely remodel your bathroom by giving it a spacious appearance and allowing other bathroom elements to stand out.

Allows for more natural light

Frameless glass shower screens open up the space in the bathroom and allow natural light to enter; many people prefer natural light to artificial lighting. Natural light is also the finest for personal grooming.


Glass panels created to be solid and durable, appropriate for daily usage, were designed and produced precision. The frameless glass shower screens are highly durable and may last a lifetime!

Cleaning Is A Piece Of Cake

When compared to traditional framed shower screens or shower curtains, cleaning a frameless bath shower screen is a breeze. Because a frameless glass shower screen has no frames, soap scum, mildew, and long-term rust formation on the glass shower screen is less likely. Furthermore, because clear glass does not discolour, you can quickly clean it with a sponge and basic glass cleaner.

Shower bases are Waterproof

Solid surface bases are highly robust and have no seams, making them completely watertight. This will offer you peace of mind that you won't have a costly leak in your basement.

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