Locking Drawer Slides

Locking Drawer Slides


How often are you closing Drawer slides, sounding loud and casting away the Drawer Lock items? It is probably as often as you'd want if you're like millions of others without soft-close drawers. It usually produces a loud noise and is like moving, without mentioning the hip bump technique used to close the drawer. Fortunately, when their slam is switched off, it is pretty easy for you and everyone who likes it. But take a moment to see how the drawers may benefit from adding specific hardware. 

Safety Comes First

You slam the drawer shut without knowing that the finger has gone wrong or worse; the finger of your child was on the way, not fun or fun thing. AfterPay Furniture and drawer slides can help to minimize unintended unpleasant squeezing of all fingers.


You must be concerned that your Drawer Lock shut is never again shut down, commencing with an advantage that is obvious with enhanced hardware. This means that late night trips to the kitchen can be the most important thing. No loud noise, there is no need for young people to shut the doors and no by-products that can be thought of.

Single place items

As mentioned before, when you smash AfterPay Furniture, you often ship anything indoors flying about that will make your utensils drawer flat in seconds. Moreover, when you have glass inlays behind those doors in your house items, you may clean some shattered glass following a strong closure. Your china can be unharmed by the Drawer Slides hardware. You can also have Drawer Slides from the Mattress Discount, providing you best quality and rates.